The KEE Experience


The KEE Renewable Energy division is headquartered in Texas in the metro Houston area. KEE Renewable Energy offers material procurement & contract construction for renewable energy projects. The KEE team provides years of utility construction project experience with various technologies of renewable energy, primarily focusing on solar plant construction services. We have a track record of providing safe, environmentally friendly, on budget, and on time projects. Our team is committed to creating and sustaining client relationships while building strong alliance partners for the future.

Pre Construction & Procurement

  • Permitting
  • Estimating
  • Surveying and Site Layout
  • Lay-Down Yard Setup
  • Purchasing & Equipment Supply / Rental
  • Inventory Management
  • Inspections

Solar Construction Capabilities

  • Site Civil Work
  • Module Installation
  • Wire Management
  • Inverter Installation
  • AC and DC Installation/Terminations

Solar Commissioning & Testing

  • Voltage Open Circuit
  • IR Scanning
  • Drone Thermographic Scans
  • VLF Testing
  • Particle Discharge Testing
  • Insulation Resistance
  • IV Curve Testing

Operations & Maintenance

  • Site operations: temporary or permanent
  • Outage Labor
  • System Testing

Utilizing experienced Project Managers and qualified Field Technicians

We succeed by building long-term client relationships, focusing on safety, quality, and on-time performance. Our field technicians are direct employees and completely vetted before they are hired. They undergo continuous technical & safety training off and on site, including daily technical & safety updates. We strive to add value at every stage in the construction process.

Please contact KEE Renewable Energy so we can safely complete your project on time and on budget with the quality you expect.

Services offered by KEE Renewable Energy include:

  • All work performed to KEE’s and the client’s construction, safety, and quality procedures.
  • Management team with many years of experience in all phases of construction.
  • Extensive field experience on energy projects– we’ve seen it all!
  • A history of large project completions – safely, on time and on budget.


KEE Renewable Energy offers a full range of pre-construction services together or on an as-needed basis individually including assistance with permitting, estimating, material procurement, site layout & lay-down planning.


KEE Renewable Energy can provide overall construction services or labor/procurement for specific areas such as PV module installation, DC wire management, AC & DC installation/terminations, inverter installation, and AC substation completion.


KEE Renewable Energy can oversee and perform all commissioning and testing for newly constructed Solar Plants. No matter what the requirements are we have experience with all forms of testing procedures.